BMLT Course (2024): Full Form, Fees, Details, Duration, Job, Salary

BMLT Course (2024): Full Form, Fees, Details, Duration, Job, Salary

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT Course), a dynamic three-year course focused on advancing knowledge in essential and complex laboratory techniques. This detailed guide reveals the details of BMLT, covering everything from admission procedures and top colleges to career prospects and specialized job opportunities.

BMLT Admission and Eligibility

Admission Process

Getting into the BMLT program requires going through a careful selection process. Different colleges use various methods, such as common entrance exams like JIPMER and JNUEE, or they consider merit scores from the previous qualifying exam. Many institutions also offer direct admission based on marks from the intermediate exam.

BMLT Course (2024): Full Form, Fees, Details, Duration, Job, Salary
BMLT Course (2024): Full Form, Fees, Details, Duration, Job, Salary

Requirements for Eligibility

To pursue BMLT, candidates need to have at least 60% marks overall or an equivalent grade in their Class 10+2 exams. Additionally, they should have a background in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

BMLT Course Details

Course Structure

The BMLT program lasts for three years and covers topics such as Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Biochemistry, and more. It includes both theory and practical learning, providing hands-on experience to shape skilled professionals.

Job Opportunities

People who graduate with a BMLT degree are in demand in the medical field. They can pursue careers as Medical Technicians or Lab Technologists. In the government sector, they can earn competitive salaries, ranging from INR 25,000 to INR 40,000 per month.

Why Choose BMLT?

In the quickly changing world of healthcare, BMLT stands out as a great chance. This program teaches students how to run labs, use medical equipment well, and uphold high medical standards.

Diverse Career Paths

A BMLT degree can lead to various job opportunities. Those who graduate can work as Research Scholars, Laboratory Technologists, Research Assistants, or even choose to become lecturers in the field of education.

BMLT Course Syllabus and Specializations

Course Syllabus

The BMLT syllabus, meticulously designed over six semesters, covers a spectrum of subjects. From Human Anatomy to Clinical Enzymology, students gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

BMLT Course Subjects 

Semester ISemester II
Human Anatomy IHuman Anatomy II
Human Physiology-IHuman Physiology II
Biochemistry-IBiochemistry II
Health Education & Health CommunicationBio-Medical Waste Management
PC Software LabHuman Anatomy-II
Human Anatomy-I LabPractical: Human Physiology-II
Human Physiology-I LabPractical: Biochemistry-I
Biochemistry-I LabCommunication Lab
Semester IIISemester IV
Pathology-IPathology – II
Clinical Haematology-IClinical Haematology-II
Immunology & Serology-IImmunology & Serology-II
Histopathology & Histotechniques –IHistopathology & Histotechniques -II
Clinical Haematology-I LabClinical Haematology-II Lab
Microbiology, Immunology & Serology – I LabMicrobiology, Immunology & Serology – II Lab
Histopathology & Histotechniques -I LabHistopathology & Histotechniques -II Lab
Semester VSemester VI
Immunohematology & Blood BankingClinical Endocrinology & Toxicology
Clinical Enzymology & AutomationAdvanced Diagnostic Techniques
Parasitology & VirologyDiagnostic Molecular Biology
Diagnostic CytologyClinical Endocrinology & Toxicology Lab
Principles of Lab Management & Medical EthicsAdvanced Diagnostic Techniques Lab
Clinical Enzymology LabDiagnostic Molecular Biology Lab
Parasitology & Virology LabInternship Project
Diagnostic Cytology Lab

Course Specializations

BMLT offers various specializations, including Medical Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, and Medical Imaging Technology, enabling students to tailor their expertise.

Some specializations of BMLT are: 

  • Medical Technology
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology.
  • Medical Imaging Technology.
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology.
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Medical Lab Technology.
  • Medical Technology.
  • Medical Imaging Technology.

BMLT Colleges and Fees

Top Colleges

The journey to excellence begins with choosing the right institution. Notable BMLT colleges include MP Medical Science University, Narayani Group of Education And Paramedical and sciences, Lovely Professional University, and Integral University.

Fee Structure

The cost of pursuing BMLT varies, with fees ranging from INR 2,45,000 to INR 2,60,000, depending on the institution. Narayani Group of Education And Paramedical and sciences bmlt course in assam ₹ 1.5 Lakhs.

Admission Process And Fees:

  1. Counseling after qualification of a relevant entrance examination.
  2. Registration fees: Nil.
  3. Admission fees: Get Details Below.
  4. Course Fees: ₹ 1.5 Lakhs.
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What Comes Next After BMLT

Higher Education

Graduates can explore higher education avenues, specializing in fields like Nuclear Medicine Technology, Medical Imaging Technology, and Medical Lab Technology.


After finishing the BMLT course, students have opportunities to work in both government and private sectors. They can begin their careers as Lab Technicians, Assistant Professors, Railways Lab Assistants, Entry-level Medical Writers, and more across various industries.

Job possibilities for BMLT graduates include positions at Seven Hills Hospitals, SRL Diagnostics, Sai Biocare Private Limited, Dr Lal Path labs Limited, Metropolis Healthcare Limited, and other similar institutions.

BMLT Course Details

BMLT: Top Recruiters

Several big names select and offer jobs to candidates directly through campus recruitment, some top names are:

Narayana Hrudayalaya LimitedSai Biocare Private Limited
SevenHills HospitalSRL Diagnostics
Suburban DiagnosticsThyrocare
Apollo HospitalDr Lal Pathlabs Limited
Fortis HealthcareMetropolis Healthcare Limited

BMLT Job Opportunities

Job ProfileJob DescriptionSalary INR
LAB TechniciansLaboratory technologists are required in the medical laboratories of the hospitals, pathological labs, research etc. Their basic work includes collecting and preparing a patient’s sample such as blood, urine, stool, etc.INR 55,000
R&D Lab AssistantTheir work includes gathering data, keeping accurate records, and ensuring they are filled correctly.INR 43,000
Laboratory ManagerLaboratory managers serve in various areas like medical labs, university labs etc. their job is to manage the day-to-day operations of the laboratory and supervise the technicians.INR 50,000
Assistant ProfessorThey are teachers at various universities.INR 35,000

BMLT Govt Job Salary

Job ProfileJob DescriptionSalary INR
Medical Lab Technician- Directorate of Health & Family WelfareWork as a technical assistant in the medical labs at various hospitals and medical institutes.INR 50,000
Railways Lab AssistantThey are the medical assistants at the Railway laboratories and railways hospitals in the Indian Railways.INR 45,000
Lab Technicians in Employees’ State Insurance CorporationWork as a lab technician in the state insurance corporation house.INR 40,000
CSIR- Medical Lab Technician (Pathology)They serve in the CSIR and are the chief technician operators at the drug manufacturing unit.INR 25,000
Lab TechnicianWork as lab assistants/owners at public or private labs.INR 20,000

BMLT Salary

BMLT salary largely depends on the job role an individual is working on. BMLT salary also depends on the experience. BMLT salary increases with better job roles and experience. 

BMLT Salary: Experience Wise 

Job ProfileAverage SalaryMaximum Salary
Medical TechnicianINR 2.4 LPAINR 3.5 LPA
Lab TechnicianINR 2.37 LPAINR 2.99 LPA
Pathology TechnicianINR 2.20 LPAINR 4.20 LPA
Medical Writer (Entry Level)INR 3.10 LPAINR 6.99 LPA

BMLT Salary: Job Role Wise

Job ProfileSalary
Lab Technologists-INR 2.45 lacs
Research and Development Lab AssistantINR 3.08 lacs
Lab ManagerINR 5.5 lacs
X- RAY TechnicianINR 3 lacs
Assistant ProfessorINR 4.5 lacs

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